Moravian College Astronomy PowerPoint Presentations
Moravian College Astronomy
PowerPoint Presentations-EASC-130
Gary A. Becker, Instructor

Moravian Astronomy Class Photos

Session   1: Introduction to Astronomy

Session   2: Popular Misconceptions in Astronomy

Session   3: Archaeoastronomy

Session   5: Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon

Session   6: Telescopes
Identify the Celestial Object

Session   7: Introduction to the Solar System

Session   8: Earth

Session   9: Moon

Session 10: Cratering in the Inner Solar System

Session 10: Mars

Session 12: Small Solar System Bodies: Comets

Session 12: MORAVIAN Hounds Build a Comet

Session 12: Small Solar System Bodies: Meteorites

Session 13: Sun

Session 14: Stellar Evolution

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