Time-Lapse Sequences
Sun Dagger 29 SJ 532 Fajada Butte Pueblo Bonito Moonrise Casa Rinconada Mt. Evans Others
     During the summers of 2001 and 2002, when I was volunteering at Chaco Culture National Historical Park near Nageezi, New Mexico, I used digital cameras to experiment with time-lapse photography as an inexpensive means of recording the play of light and shadow on anthropogenic features.
--Gary A. Becker--

Sun Dagger
29 SJ 532

19 sequences

29 SJ 532 is a rock art panel which may have been used as a predictive marker used to herald the coming of the summer solstice.

6 sequences

Watch the weather over Fajada Butte, famous for its Sun Dagger, a calendrical device for marking the seasons.
Pueblo Bonito

2 sequences

The Sun Room in Pueblo Bonito at Chaco Canyon allowed for the maintenance of an indoor sun calendar during the winter.

4 sequences

Casa Rinconada, a great kiva in Chaco Canyon, could have been used to mark the time of summer solstice.

2 sequences

Visible from Mt. Evans, the Signal Butte Forest Fire was one of two big Colorado fires in the summer of 2002.

8 sequences

This section contains other miscellanous time-lapse sequences and tests by Gary Becker and Adam Jones.


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