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Moravian College Astronomy PHYS-108

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Gary A. Becker,  Instructor


Class Photos* BASN Acknowledgements* Student Information/Syllabus/Class Routine* Crash Course-Read Me

S-01: Introduction to Astronomy * S-02: Popular Misconceptions * S-03: Archaeoastronomy * S-04: Time * S-05: Eclipses

S-06: Telescopes/Observing * S-07: Solar System Introduction * S-08: Earth * S-09: Moon * S-10: Inner Planets * S-11: Outer Planets

S-12: Small Solar System Bodies * S-13: The Sun * S-14: Stellar Evolution * S-15: The Universe

S-16: Sky Literacy * Planetarium Programs/Moravian's Telescopes * Inside Back Cover * Peyton's Astro-Music




Session 1: Introduction
Class Video:  Class Routine
Class Audio:  Discussion: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
Class Video:  International Space Station as Viewed from Moravian's Sky Deck-Shane S. Cassel
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text
Reading:       Isaac Asimov: The Last Question
YouTube:     Astrophysics for People in a Hurry-Neil deGrasse Tyson
YouTube:     A mind-expanding tour of the cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Robert Krulwich
YouTube:     Neil deGrasse Tyson with Robert Krulwich: Letters from an Astrophysicist-Audiobook
YouTube:     Carl Sagan: Intro. to Pale Blue Dot
YouTube:     X-37B: View from Sky Deck
Self-Test:      Introduction to Astronomy Study Guide

Session 2: Popular Misconceptions
Class Video:   Basic Science Demonstrations
YouTube:       Plasma Balls Explained
Class Video:  Harvard Misconceptions
Transcript:     Harvard Misconception-Lunar Phases: Transcript
Class Video: Misconceptions about the Moon/Librations
Transcript:     Moon/Seasons Misconceptions: Transcript
Class Video:  Reasons for the Seasons
YouTube:      Harvard: A Private Universe
Class Audio:  Reasons for the Seasons: Audio
PowerPoint:  The Seasons
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text
YouTube:     Phases of the Moon (watch first)
YouTube:     Phases and Motions of the Moon (Watch second)—Launch Pad Astronomy
YouTube:     NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter—PHASES/LIBRATONS-2013
YouTube:     NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter—PHASES/LIBRATONS-2014
YouTube:     NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter—PHASES/LIBRATONS-2015
YouTube:     NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter—PHASES/LIBRATONS-2016
YouTube:     NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter—PHASES/LIBRATONS-2017
YouTube:     NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter—PHASES/LIBRATONS-2018
YouTube:     NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter—PHASES/LIBRATONS-2019
YouTube:     Tides—Neil deGrasse Tyson
Lab Ex.:        Seasons Graph
Music:          Blue Moon: Frank Sanatra
Music:          Crescent Moon: Cowboy Junkies
Self-Test:      Popular Misconceptions in Astronomy Study Guide

Session 3: Archaeoastronomy
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text
Reading:       A Sky for All Seasons, Edwin Krupp
WWWeb:     Chaco Culture National Historical Park | Traditions of the Sun: Chaco
YouTube:     The Mystery of Chaco Canyon (Poor quality, excellent information)
YouTube:     The Cannibals Of The Four Corners | Timeline

YouTube:     Chacoan Astronomy, Cosmography, Roads & Ritual Power
YouTube:     EXPLORING CHACO CANYON: History, Information, Hikes, etc.
YouTube:     Studying Southwestern Archaeology by Dr. Steve Lekson  |  What Was Chaco, Really? (Lekson)
YouTube:     A History of the Ancient Southwest (Lekson)

YouTube:     Episode 2: Age Of Ancestors | The World of Stonehenge (view first)
YouTube:     Episode 3: Age Of Cosmology | The World of Stonehenge (view second)
YouTube:     Episode 1: Age Of Ice | The World of Stonehenge (completes series)
YouTube:     Standing with Stones - an epic journey through prehistoric Britain & Ireland
YouTube:     Decoding the ancient astronomy of Stonehenge
YouTube:     Uncovering the secrets of Stonehenge
YouTube:     Megalith Movers: Building Stonehenge
YouTube:     Stonehenge: A 360° View

Lab Ex.:        Seasons Graph
Self-Test:      Archaeoastronomy Study Guide

Session 4: Time and Coordinate Systems
Reading:       Time-BASN Text
YouTube:     The Clock That Changed the World (BBC History of the World)
YouTube:     Getting Started in Celestial Navigation-12-Lessons

Session 5: Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Class Video:  Eclipses Shown to Scale-Video
Class Video:  Eclipse Talk, Repetition of Eclipses-Video
Class Audio:  Eclipse Talk, Repetition of Eclipses-Audio
Transcript:     Eclipse Talk, Repetition of Eclipses-Transcript
Class Video:  Gear and Techniques, Lunar Eclipses-Fall 2020 Video
Class Video:  Gear and Techniques-Spring 2021 Video
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text
Reading:       Aspects and Motions of the Moon: Eclipses, George Abell
YouTube:     The Moon’s Orbit and Eclipses—Launch Pad Astronomy
YouTube:     The Great Baja Eclipse: Hypes 1999 Eclipse
YouTube:     Still Hooked: Hypes 2017 Eclipse and Others
YouTube:     You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse | David Baron
Excitement:  When Day Became Night: A Special Report on the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Excitement:  Alaska Airlines Great American Eclipse Flight #9671
Excitement:  Alaska Airlines Great American Eclipse Flight #870—Oh my God!
Excitement:  Total Solar Eclipse (2017)
Excitement:  Space Station Transiting 2017 ECLIPSE, My Brain Stopped Working—Smarter Every Day 175
Music:          Bonnie Tyler—Total Eclipse of the Heart (Video)
Music:          You're so Vain—Carly Simon
Self-Test:      Solar and Lunar Eclipse Study Guide

Session 6: Telescopes/Observing
Class Video:  Make A Drawing Through A Telescope
Class Video:  What Makes A Good Telescope?
Class Video:  History, Economizing, and Identifying Telescopes
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text
Reading:       Telescopes in General, Neale Howard
Reading:       Telescopes in Particular, Neale Howard
Reading:       Appendix-4: Syncing Mount and Telescope to Sky BASN Text
YouTube:     The Simpsons: Bart's Comet
YouTube:     #6 Telescopes: Crash Course Astronomy
YouTube:     Telescopes: A Buyer's Guide - The Night Sky -
YouTube:     Tips For The First-Time Telescope Owner - The Night Sky -
YouTube:     Choosing Your First Telescope" with J. Kelly Beatty
YouTube:     How to use an Equatorial Mount for Beginners
YouTube:     How to Align a Finderscope for New Astronomers
MDRS Ob.:  Skynet
MDRS Ob.:  VOL 1 MDRS Robotic Observatory-REGISTER PP
MDRS Ob.:  Skynet Introduction-tutorial video
MDRS Ob.:  Taking Your First Image-tutorial video
MDRS Ob.:  Downloading Images-tutorial video
MDRS Ob.:  Color-Imaging-tutorial video
MDRS Ob.:  Stacking Images-tutorial video
Tutorial:       Calibration Frames Explained
Lab Ex.:       Identify the Celestial Object
Self-Test:     Instrumentation Study Guide

Session 7: Solar System Introduction
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text
YouTube:     Solar System Drawn to Scale: If the Moon were Just One Pixel

Session 8: Earth
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text

Session 9: Moon
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text
YouTube:     Lunar Geology: Apollo 13 Views of the Moon

Session 10: Inner Planets
PowerPoint:  Inner Planets-Cratering-Lecture Slides
PowerPoint:  Mars-Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text

Session 11: Outer Planets
Reading:       BASN Text

Session 12: Small Solar System Bodies
PowerPoint:  Comets, Meteors-Lecture Slides
PowerPoint:  Hounds Build a Comet-Lecture Slides
PowerPoint:  Meteorites-Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text

Session 13: The Sun
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text

Session 14: Stellar Evolution
Class Video:  Introduction and Stellar Distances-Fall 2020
Class Video:  Introduction and Stellar Distances-Spring 2021
Class Video:  Distance Modulus to Spectra
Class Video:  Emission Spectra and More
Class Video:  Bohr Atom to Absorption Spectrums
Class Video:  Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
Class Video:  Stellar Birth
Class Video:  Stellar Life Cycles and the H-R Diagram
PowerPoint:  Lecture Slides
Reading:       BASN Text

Lab Ex:         Parallax Lab-PDF
Lab Ex:         Introduction and Stellar Distances-Back Half
Lab Ex:         Significant Number Rules, BASN Text, Session 1, page 11

Lab Ex:         Great Summer Triangle Lab-PDF
Lab Ex:         Great Summer Triangle Lab-Instructional Video
Class Video:  Great Summer Triangle Lab-Class Instructional Video

Lab Ex:         Emission Spectrum Lab-PDF
Lab Ex:         Emission Spectrums to be Identified for Lab-PDF
Lab Ex:         Emission Spectrum Lab-Instructional Video

Lab Ex:         Absorption Spectrum Lab-PDF
Lab Ex:         High Resolution Absorption Spectrum
Lab Ex:         Absorption Spectrum Lab-Instructional Video

Lab Ex:         Construction of an H-R Diagram Lab-PDF
Lab Ex:         Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

Lab Ex:         Determining the Age of Star Clusters-PDF
Lab Ex:         Determining the Age of Star Clusters-Instructional Video

YouTube:     Light and Temperature—Launch Pad Astronomy
YouTube:     Spectroscopy—LPA
YouTube:     Analyzing Starlight Part 1: Brightness—LPA
YouTube:     Analyzing Starlight Part 2: Colors—LPA
YouTube:     Analyzing Starlight Part 3: Stellar Spectral Classification—LPA
YouTube:     How Stars Work—LPA
YouTube:     Seeing Color: Arbor Scientific | Electromagnetic Spectrum: Montana Tech | #23  Light—Crash Course Astronomy
YouTube:     #24  Distance—Crash Course Astronomy
Self-Test:     Quest Questions   Light and Distance

YouTube:     HR Diagram Explained
YouTube:     Module 9 / Lecture 3 : The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
YouTube:     Stars and Galaxies: The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
YouTube:     Star Formation—Launch Pad Astronomy
YouTube:     How the Sun will REALLY Die—Launch Pad Astronomy
YouTube:     The Smallest Stars in the Universe-Red Dwarfs—Launch Pad Astronomy
YouTube:     #26  Stars in General—Crash Course Astronomy
YouTube:     #29  Low Mass Stars—Crash Course Astronomy
Self-Test:     Quest Questions   H-R Diagram, Stellar Birth, Stars in General, Low Mass Stars

YouTube:     How massive stars die - with a BANG!
YouTube:     Neutron Stars, Pulsars, and Magnetars—Launch Pad Astronomy
YouTube:     The Physics of Black Holes
YouTube:     Monster Black Holes
YouTube:     #30  White Dwarfs and Planetary Nebulae—Crash Course Astronomy
YouTube:     #31  High Mass Stars—Crash Course Astronomy
YouTube:     #32  Neutron Stars—Crash Course Astronomy
YouTube:     #33  Black Holes—Crash Course Astronomy
Self-Test:     Quest Questions   White Dwarfs, Planetary Nebulae, High Mass Stars, Neutron Stars, and Black Holes

Self-Test:      Stellar Evolution Study Guide

Session 15: The Universe
Reading:       BASN Text
YouTube:     'A Universe From Nothing' by Lawrence Krauss
YouTube:     TIMELAPSE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE—13.8 billion years
YouTube:     TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time

Session 16: Sky Literacy
Reading:       BASN Text

Planetarium Programs/Moravian's Telescopes
Reading:       Appendix-1: Planetarium Programs BASN Text
Reading:       Appendix-2: Using Moravian's Telescopes BASN Text
Reading:       Appendix-3: Aligning the Telescope to Polaris BASN Text
Reading:       Appendix-4: Syncing Mount and Telescope to Sky BASN Text

Inside Back Cover

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